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Who is Sherlock Bones?

The Definitive Guide to Finding Missing Pets!
My name is John Keane. I am professionally known as Sherlock Bones, "Tracer of Missing Pets", the leading authority in the field of pet recovery. I’ve been on the beat for over 30 years. During that time I’ve helped thousands of people just like you, no matter where they lived coast-to-coast, to find their lost and stolen pets. The information I’ve learned over the years I now provide via a downloadable booklet.

Sherlock Bones - The Definitive Guide To Finding Missing Pets

My clients have ranged from rural families to Hollywood stars all across the United States. In my role of Sherlock Bones, I’ve been featured in Time, Cosmopolitan, N.Y. Times and The Wall Street Journal. I’ve also made numerous television appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the Tonight Show.

Thousands of people have found my eBook helpful and I know you will as well.

I’m continually asked why I do what I do. The bottom line is I do this because I really do believe this is my calling. I have sincere compassion for those who are missing a family member. You can’t afford the luxury of guessing when the outcome is so critical. My favorite saying is “the more skill applied to a situation, the less you need to count on luck.” I want you to feel that you’ve done everything within reason to have the best possible chance of getting your pet back. I want you to know that somebody understands all of the emotions you are experiencing. I want you to know I’m here for you.


Testamonial #1

Dear Sherlock,
In total desperation, I downloaded your eBook on how to find a lost pet. I immediately put your methods to work and the next day our beloved dog was found. Anyone who has lost a pet should never give up and take whatever steps necessary to bring their pets home safely. Those important steps should start with some words of wisdom from you.

Gary Meng & Snickers
Chippewa Falls, WI


Dear Sherlock,
I lost my 2 year old cat Chloe, an indoor cat that loves to play outside. I didn't realize she was missing until she was already gone. I could not eat or sleep.

I downloaded your eBook, and within hours of doing everything you said; I found her soaked from the rain and very scared. I have never been so happy! I want to thank you so much. She was very hungry and happy to be home. Thanks to you I found my little girl.

Cindy Courson
Fort Myers, Fl

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Sherlock Bones even found Ace Ventura’s missing Jack Russell Terrier! Sherlock Bones has been widely recognized in the animal community as the man to go to when you need to find a missing pet.


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