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Words of Hope and Encouragement from Past Clients

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than hearing the success stories from my thousands of clients over the years.

I’ve literally received hundreds of emails, letters, and phone calls from satisfied clients who have been successfully reunited with their beloved pet children. Here are just a handful of the many, many testimonials I’ve received.


Recovered after being lost for 8 months in another state!

Our dog Karoo was lost for eight months in another state before we contacted Sherlock Bones. After following (the information in) John’s (eBook), Karoo was found (in just) four days, without us having to go to the (other) state! I highly recommend Sherlock Bones, and urge any lost pet owner to take advantage of his 30 years of experience.

Cathy McNulty
Manasquan, NJ


When my clients need me, Ill be there!

I want to thank you so much for helping me get ChaCha back. Thanks to the great advice in your e Book, if it ever happens again, I will know just what to do.

Julie Martzke
Stevenson Ranch CA


25-miles and 22-days later, Daisy comes home…thanks to Sherlock Bones!

Thank you for wonderful and timely advice! Daisy accidentally left our house March 4, 2007, wearing no ID tags. On March 17, you became involved in our nightmare. Your (eBook and Consulting Services) offered hope, comfort, support, and guidance during our darkest hours. On March 26,
9 days after enlisting your services, we received a phone call from a family that had our dog since the first day. Daisy was 25 miles from home and (by the time you became involved), was missing for 22 days. I will wrap up this saga by saying THANK YOU SHERLOCK BONES! We will never forget all you did for us!

Randy and Donna Lee, and daughter Collyn

Cha Cha

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I just wanted to let you know that our Boxer, Taz, has been returned to us. A very nice man randomly bought him from some people who were trying to sell him for pit fighting. He kept him for three days. It wasn't until we employed (the methods in your eBook), that we were able to (recover Taz). Just wanted to say thanks for the help and advice, and add another success story to the Sherlock Bones (list) of happy clients!

J. Lunn
Dallas TX


Never give up!

Dear Sherlock,

Over the past two months my daughter gave up hope of ever seeing her "Gypsy" again. She was moved to tears when we got her back. I know it would not have happened without your techniques, especially your methods of getting the public aware, and motivated. My husband told my daughter "Let this be a lesson! Never give up! Thanks for your sound advice, and good luck with helping others recover their pets.

Gilroy CA


Found after 87 Days!

Dear Sherlock,

I can't begin to express how happy we are, that after 87 days, we have our beloved "Maxine" back. I am certain that your guidance and the changes we made to our flyer after our telephone consultation with you helped to make this success possible. She survived on her own through cold and brutal weather and never gave up. On behalf of Maxine and the rest of my family, I thank you for being there when we needed you..

Y. Williams
New York, NY

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Testamonial #1

Dear Sherlock,
In total desperation, I downloaded your eBook on how to find a lost pet. I immediately put your methods to work and the next day our beloved dog was found. Anyone who has lost a pet should never give up and take whatever steps necessary to bring their pets home safely. Those important steps should start with some words of wisdom from you.

Gary Meng & Snickers
Chippewa Falls, WI


Dear Sherlock,
I lost my 2 year old cat Chloe, an indoor cat that loves to play outside. I didn't realize she was missing until she was already gone. I could not eat or sleep.

I downloaded your eBook, and within hours of doing everything you said; I found her soaked from the rain and very scared. I have never been so happy! I want to thank you so much. She was very hungry and happy to be home. Thanks to you I found my little girl.

Cindy Courson
Fort Myers, Fl

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